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APEX Cheer All-Stars and Tumblers train in an air conditioned 20,000 sq. ft facility complete with:

Front Office Area

Parent Viewing  Area


Vending Machines



       * (3) Full size Spring Floors

       * (1) Full size non-Spring Floor (for school squad training)

       * (1) 60 ft Rod Tumble Floor

       * (1) 75 ft Rod Tumble Floors

       * (3) 16 ft Rod Tumble Strips

       * (1) 42 ft Spring Tumble Strip

       * (1) 40 ft In-Ground Tumble Trak

       * (2) Euro Bed In-Ground Trampoline

       * (1) Euro Bed Double Ming Tramponline

       * In-Ground Foam Pit

       * In-Ground Resi Pit

       * Specialty Instructional Tumbling Mats

       * Numerous Safety landing Mats



APEX Cheer utilizes (5) video camera feeds that are connected to TV monitors to better train our athletes. Our athletes are not only able to get instruction from the coaches, but they can immediately go to the TV unit and see exactly what the coach was saying.