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Apex Tumbling


APEX is the home of HOUSTON'S PREMIER CHEER - TUMBLING PROGRAM. Our tumbling program not only trains our award-winning APEX Cheer Athletes, but the abilities of our coaching staff are so well known that MANY ATHLETES FROM OTHER PROGRAMS train their tumbling at APEX Cheer.

It does not matter if you're a beginner, cheer competitively, cheer for your school, or would just like to gain or keep your tumbling skills up, The APEX Cheer Tumbling Program is the place for you. Our doors are ALWAYS OPEN  to  ANY AND ALL INDIVIDUALS wishing to improve their tumbling ability.

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Apex Cheer’s tumbling programs are designed to help athletes focus specifically on their tumbling skills.  Apex athletes will be taught solid technique and strong fundamentals in all areas of tumbling.  Apex Cheer athletes are trained to reach THEIR fullest potential, but more so, they are taught how to work hard, all while having FUN!!!

Each tumbling class will focus on every element of the primary skill included in that class from the basic tumbling utilizing that skill to the specialty passes.  Athletes will not move to the next tumbling class/skills until they have mastered both standing and running tumbling for the specific skill.  Execution of the skill will factor in as well, not just the fact that an athlete can “throw” the skill.  (i.e. proper body position, pointed toes, etc.)  Athletes will be evaluated every 7 – 8 weeks to determine whether they have mastered the skills within their current class and are ready to move on to their next class.


Available Classes

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