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APEX Tumbling

APEX is the home of HOUSTON'S PREMIER CHEER - TUMBLING PROGRAM. Our tumbling program not only trains our award-winning APEX Cheer Athletes, but the abilities of our coaching staff are so well known that MANY ATHLETES FROM OTHER PROGRAMS train their tumbling at APEX Cheer.

It does not matter if you're a beginner, cheer competitively, cheer for your school, or would just like to gain or keep your tumbling skills up, The APEX Cheer Tumbling Program is the place for you. Our doors are ALWAYS OPEN  to  ANY AND ALL INDIVIDUALS wishing to improve their tumbling ability.

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The Apex Way

Apex Cheer's tumbling programs are designed to help athletes focus specifically on their tumbling skills. Apex athletes will be taught solid technique and strong fundamentals in all areas of tumbling. Apex cheer athletes are trained to reach THEIR fullest potential. Whether your child is mastering the fundamentals of tumbling or honing elite skills, our expert staff employs a range of drill-based structures tailored to meet your athlete's specific needs.

Each tumbling class willl focus on every element of the primary skills included in that class. Athletes will not move to the next tumbling class/skills until they have mastered both standing and running tumbling for the specific skill. Mastery of a skill means the athlete can execute the skill consistently with PROPER TECHNIQUE (i.e. proper body position, pointed toes, straight legs, etc.).

Eligibility for the different classes is based upon the level of skills demonstrated at a tumbling evaluation. To sign-up for an evaluation, visit our online portal. Once you have created an account for your athlete go to Booking and choose Tumbling Evaluations.

Athletes are informally evaluated every 4 weeks for progress and feedback and every 8 weeks for progression to the next class. After moving up, consistent skill maintenance is expected. Athletes who can no longer perform skills from a prior class may be moved down for refinement of those skills.


During evaluations skills are rated from 1 - 4 stars. In order to receive at least 1 star on the skill an athlete must be able to execute the skill on the spring floor without a spot. In order to receive 4 stars on the skill an athlete must perform the skill 3 - 4 times with proper technique.


​0 Stars - Athlete did not attempt the skill on the spring floor

1 Star - Attempted but unable to execute

2 Stars - Skill completed but overall needs significant improvement

3 Stars - Technique needs polishing / inconsistent execution

4 Stars - Mastered

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Evaluation Process

Available Classes

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