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About Apex

Our Mission

Our mission at Apex is to empower our athletes to strive to become confident, responsible, and wholesome athletes, with a champion mindset, by developing not only physical skills but a wealth of life skills.

Champion Mindset

Champion Mindset

At Apex Cheer & Athletics, we strive to train athletes to excel not only on the mat, but to achieve success in all aspects of their lives. We are dedicated to molding the leaders of tomorrow by reinforcing our three core values: Character, Integrity, and Perseverance. Our goal is to provide quality instruction while establishing personal and individualized connections with athletes and their families, therefore becoming APEX family. By focusing heavily on character building and team bonding, along with proper skill progression, we are developing well-rounded athletes both mentally and physically.

Each month we have a different “Champion Mindset” focus which is coordinated into practices through a variety of activities and mini-lessons. Throughout the month we celebrate athletes as they demonstrate these character traits.. We conduct activities, occasionally tied with a mini-lesson, and always celebrate athletes demonstrating these character traits.


Setting, obtaining, and reflecting on personal and team goals is a HUGE part of our Champion Mindset.


Our Champion Mindset stems from our incredible staff! We meet weekly to discuss, plan, and develop professionally. This is an ever-changing sport and working with young athletes is a privilege, as well as a responsibility.

Meet the Staff

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Meet the staff
Tumbling and Recreational Program Director

Cheer Abilities Coach

Steven Medley

“I believe each athlete is different and not every athlete learns the same way. I will always strive to find the way to break through and tap into what motivates each one.”

Fun Facts

  • I played football and baseball in high school.

  • I started tumbling at 17 years old.

  • I am a dog lover.

Tumble Tots Manager

Tumbling Coach

Erika Franklin

“I genuinely enjoy investing my knowledge and experience in our younger athletes. After all, they are the future of our program.”

Fun Facts:

  • I cheered throughout all of my middle and high school years.

  • I have been married to LeRoy for 27 years, and we have three amazing kids.  LeRoy III, Brianna & Russell.

  • I enjoy playing tennis, and LOVE watching musicals.

All-Star Cheer Coach

Sara Metro

“I love to coach All-Star cheer because it is my passion. I pay attention to each athlete’s unique needs and ensure athletes feel they play a valued role.”

Fun Facts

  • I have twin boys.

  • I am the Senior Operational Manager of the COVID Division during the day, cheer coach at night

  • I still think I am a better flyer then both of my daughter combined

Administrative & Financial Director

All-Star Skills Coach

Christina Anglarill-Deshotel 

“Character is the most valuable of all skillsets needed to transform an athlete into a champion. As a coach my goal is to inspire and motivate my athletes in every aspect of their lives, helping them carry the life lessons learned on mat, into the rest of their lives.”

Fun Facts

  • God and my family are my life.  I am a mother of five and a “Lola,” (which is like a grandmother only cooler.)

  • I will rescue and foster ALMOST anything with four legs or feathers.

  • I hung the first NCA banner on APEX walls.

All-Star Consultant
All-Star & School Cheer Coach

Bryan Cervantes

“I love coaching because I get to do so much more than train an athlete.  I get to inspire a better human.”

Fun Facts:

  • I have a kitty cat named Zipper

  • I have a black belt 🥋

  • I speak perfect Chinese and Japanese (that’s not true)

Customer Service Associate

Tendai Guity

“I love cheer/Apex because it brings people together to create life-long relationships.”

Fun Facts

  • I was a Lamar High School varsity cheerleader for three years.

  • I am currently in school to become a dentist.

  • I started at APEX as a Summer Camp counselor.

All-Star & School Cheer Coach

Jesse Guajardo

“My favorite part of coaching cheer is watching athletes accomplish their goals seeing the look of success in their eyes. I am grateful for the opportunity to shine my creative side through our teams’ choreography. Cheer has definitely been a light for me since I was young”

Fun Facts

  • I love rollercoasters.

  • I am a dad of three.

  • My nickname is guacamole.

Elite Tumbling Coach

Strength & Conditioning Coach

Dave Stovall

“I love watching my athletes learn new skills and perfect them while learning to have fun with tumbling and helping them become stronger and more confident.”

Fun Facts

  • My wife and I have 3 dogs; 2 pits (jack and duck), and a chihuahua(Bella).

  • I enjoy riding motorcycles and “Jeep”-ing it up in my free time.

  • I enjoy working out and helping others achieve their goals

Elite Tumbling & Skills Coach

Jenna Bourner

“I don’t just teach skills but also life lessons and how to be an all-around cheerleader. I love the look on my athletes’ faces when they achieve something new or didn’t think they could do.”


Fun Facts

  • I am an only child.

  • I lived in Hawaii for a year.

  • This season my team will be competing against my All-Star coach’s team. 

Our Facility


APEX Cheer All-Stars and Tumblers train in an air-conditioned 20,000 sq. ft facility complete with:

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